Safe & secure storage for household goods and new furniture in a temperature controlled warehouse


Safe Storage for Household Goods and New Furniture

Should you require storage for all or some of your possessions, we load them on-site into specially constructed containers that fit snugly into our custom-designed trucks. Despatch of Southampton operates two full service storage facilities in Southampton and Bridgehampton. If you choose, we’ll record and number digital images of your shipment.

Possessions for easy retrieval from storage.

All household goods are stored in specially designed storage vaults which can be loaded and unloaded at residence. We also offer storage of new furniture which can be shipped directly from the manufacturer to one of our warehouse locations. Several area decorators use us for this service. We consolidate merchandise from multiple sources and deliver it to the home or office when the order is complete or the renovation is finished. We will even store your outdoor furniture for the winter which will help prolong its usage.

We also offer digital inventory

Each item can be photographed before it goes into storage. You will receive a full set of photographs corresponding to the written inventory. This service provides easy identification of items that you may wish to have access to prior to the entire shipment being delivered out of storage.

We are very proud of our facilities

When a person entrusts everything they own to a storage company or a business entrusts its records and furnishings to a storage company, it should be to the safest most secure facility available in the industry. It should be to a Despatch of Southampton warehouse.

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