About Despatch of Southampton

Professional Service Since 1957

Despatch made a name for itself as a family-operated business moving folks throughout Eastern Long Island and the Hamptons. Over the years as word spread of our professional, caring, and friendly service, we soon added satisfied customers in New York City and throughout the Tri-State area. We now also have a satellite operation to provide our special kind of service in Westchester County. Our growth strategy is succeeding, but not at the expense of customer satisfaction.

We go the extra mile

Sure it takes trucks, experience, equipment, and strong backs to get your belongings from point A to point B safely. But it takes heart to really move folks. We understand this is an exciting time for you and your family. More importantly, we understand it’s not our move it’s yours. So everyone at Despatch of Southampton goes the extra mile by packing TLC into everything we do.

Pride in Our Staff

It is true that we have one of the most modern fleets in the industry and warehouse operations that are the envy of our competitors. However, the real reason for our success has been our people. We take great pride in our staff and work hard to train all of our employees thoroughly. As a result, we have the best staff in the industry. They are why year after year we exceed our goals and provide quality moving services throughout the world.

Everyone at Despatch of Southampton has a deep commitment to service.

Because of this, you can expect a high level of professionalism in every move we handle. The real reason for our success has been our people.